RE: Google Accessibility Jobs

B.K. DeLong wrote:
> At 09:18 AM 8/11/2006, David Poehlman wrote:
>> Ya gotta live there.
> Eh. True. But once you've been there for a year or so you have the
> ability to request to work out of their multitude of offices around
> the country including New York and Cambridge:
> Most of the Google Open Source / Google Code team is in Chicago.

As some-one who has recently moved to the area (Palo Alto - about 10 minutes
north of Mountain View), I gotta tell ya... It ain't bad; expensive, but the
natives are friendly.

Interesting in how wide a net they've cast looking for candidates - I
actually heard from them twice through 2 different avenues.  Hopefully this
bodes well for the future (heck it *has* to bode well for the future).



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