Re: Find as you type for navigation

Considering only the first character, or starting from the first character
of the link text, happens to be also the way we search file systems as in
Windows Explorer.

We type "k" to get to the first file beginning with "k", and we type "k"
again to get to the next match. If we type fast the characters are
recognized as being the second, third, et cetera, character of the filename.

This is how "Find as you Type" should also work for links in "links mode".

We want a feature where we need to think as little as possible, and to type
as few times as possible.

Starting from the first letter means that we get it right typing just one
character most of the time. And it is fast to continue to the next match,
and easy to spot where we land.

If any position of a character counts we must take a decision of what to
type and we must type at least two characters most of the time to get
anywhere and since link texts can be long, even broken into several lines,
it is much harder to find out where we have landed.

Best regards,

Jesper Tverskov

Received on Friday, 28 July 2006 08:00:22 UTC