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gifts for children with disabilities

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To  Everyone, 
Happy  Holidays! 
What gift do you buy a  child with a disability? It is not an easy question 
to answer. Or is  it? 
To discover what to buy your  child, so either he or she feeks included in 
this holiday of giving read  the press release below and then watch 
_www.tvworldwide.com_ (http://www.tvworldwide.com/)  at 3:00 P.M.,  EST, Friday, Dec. 17, 
for answers. This will be an exciting  show.  
You will be glad you did. 
If you do not want to receive e-mails from me please let me know.  
John Williams  
TVWORLDWIDE.COM                                                        PRESS 
“Santa’s A-List: Holiday Gift Ideas  for Kids with Disabilities” Live 
Webcast on TV Worldwide,  December 17   
TV Worldwide’s Internet TV Channel  for People with Disabilities, AT508.com, 
( _www.AT508.com_ (http://www.at508.com/)  ) to Feature Assistive  Technology 
Toys and Gifts for Children with Disabilities, Santa Himself, Friday, December 
17,  2004 at 3 PM  ET   
For Immediate  Release
Thursday, December 16, 2004 
Andrea  Gwartney                                      
TVWorldwide.com, Inc.                                                         
_www.tvworldwide.com_ (http://www.tvontheweb.com/)                            
                                              (703) 961-9250   Ext.  220
Chantilly, Va. - TVWorldwide.com, a fast-growing web-based global  TV 
network, announced that it's Internet TV Channel for the community of people  with 
disabilties, AT508.com, (_www.at508.com_ (http://www.at508.com/) ), will feature 
a live interactive  webcast highlighting selected toys and gifts for children 
with disabilities,  Friday December 17 at 3 PM ET. Dubbed “Santa’s A-List: 
Holiday Gifts for Kids  with Disabilities”, this webcast will feature 
demonstrations and interviews  with manufacturers who produce these toys and gifts, in 
addition to information  on their availability in time for the holiday season. 
In addition, a special  guest appearance will be made by Santa  Claus, 
himself, who will appear live to read holiday stories to kids on-line around the  
world through the use of TV Worldwide’s captioned video streaming process known  
as "webcapting"sm  to assist those with hearing  impairments, as he has done 
from TV Worldwide studios for the past four years.  Visitors to the live 
webcast will be able to post questions and participate in  Q&A via e-mail, 
providing a fully interactive  forum. 
The live webcast will also be  available in archived form for a full year and 
DVD and VHS copies of the webcast  will be offered at _www.at508.com_ 
(http://www.at508.com/)  after the event for those who  can’t participate on the web. 

“Our goal is to make obtaining  information on these specialized toys and 
gifts for children  with disabilities an easier process,” stated Dave Gardy, CEO 
of TV Worldwide,  who will serve as the show’s co-host along with renowned 
disability columnist  John Williams. “Its amazing to see the innovation that has 
gone into producing  some of the products, services and technology solutions 
that are available for  children with disabilities and we welcome the 
opportunity to webcast the “Santa’s A-List” on-line interactive  showcase to highlight 
them during this holiday season. We also pleased to again  welcome Santa 
Claus to our studios.” 

“As we approach this holiday  season, I am frequently asked about gift 
suggestions for children with  disabilities,” remarked Williams. “I am pleased to 
participate in this worldwide  webcast to feature some of these gift ideas to 
let people know about some of the  options they have for the child with 
disabilities on their  list.” 

“Ho! Ho! Ho! This was a blast the  past four years, with children and their 
parents participating from as far away  as Thailand!” remarked Santa Claus. “I 
can't wait  to again talk to everyone around the world at the webcast. Ho, 
Ho, Ho!…Why, Mrs.  Claus is even insisting that all our busy elves take a break 
from building toys  to tune in from the North Pole!!!!”

The event will be live and archived  fully accessible format using the 
captioned video streaming of TVWorldwide.com's  "webcapting"sm process.  AT508.com 
channel premium sponsors  include: The Paciello Group, HP,  Kurzweil 
Educational Systems, The Council for Exceptional Children, Corda,  Deque, Audio Eye, 
Sighted Electronics, Freedom Vision and  Vcom3D.

AT508.com’s compelling programming has helped the channel grow rapidly  over 
the last year, featuring live webcast from industry trade shows, on-line  town 
meetings and  the incisive and  uncensored articles and commentary of 
Williams who coined the phrase 'assistive  technology'. AT508.com was recently 
selected by both the Democrats and  Republicans to webcast each of their national 
conventions using TVWorldwide.com's "webcapting"sm  process.  

The event will be archived for  viewing at _www.at508.com_ 
(http://www.tvworldwide.com/)  and _www.tvworldwide.com_ (http://www.tvworldwide.com/)  . 
Participants should have  the Real Video or Windows Media Player installed prior to 
the event and should  register and log on any time prior to 2:45 PM  ET on 
Friday, December 17 to  test their connection. Questions may be directed to 
703-961-9250, ext 220 at any  time prior to or during the webcast.  
About AT508.com 
TVWorldwide's AT508.com Internet TV  channel was launched in October 2002 at 
the World Congress on Disabilities in  Orlando , Florida , featuring 
world-renowned disability columnist John Williams  covering the latest in assistive 
technology and Section 508 news and since then  has webcast the TASH, ATIA, CSUN 
and CEC events for the community of people with  disabilities. AT508.com 
features articles and videos on the latest in assistive  technology products, 
services and issues. During industry trade shows, AT508.com  highlights keynotes, 
presentations and interviews with exhibitors and speakers.  AT508.com events 
are webcast live and archived in fully accessible format using  the captioned 
video streaming of TVWorldwide.com's "webcapting" sm process.  AT508.com channel 
sponsors include The Paciello Group, the Council for  Exceptional Children, 
HP, Kurzweil Educational Systems, Corda, Deque, Audio Eye,  Sighted Electronics 
Freedom Vision and Vcom3D.

About  TVWorldwide.com
As a leading streaming video  applications service provider, TVWorldwide.com 
is developing a network of video  channels that is an affiliation of 
community-based Internet television stations,  each underwritten by a strategic 
partner, "aimcastingsm" to targeted B2B and  special interest demographic audiences 
worldwide. TVWorldwide.com works with  strategic partners to develop the latest 
in live and archived state-of-the art  video streaming content applications. 
TVWorldwide.com was recently named one of  the streaming video industry’s “
Hottest Streaming Companies” by Streaming  Magazine, _www.streamingmagazine.com_ 
(http://www.streamingmagazine.com/) . Mr. Gardy  currently serves as 
president of the International Webcasting Association.  (www.webcasters.org) 
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