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RE: Text email newsletter standard

From: Pawson, David <David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 09:08:26 -0000
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    Matthew Smith wrote:
    well yes, but suppose the newsletter is written by someone 
    with limited HTML knowledge from a small volunteer 
    organisation with limited resources? They're not going to 
    know what an appropriate authoring tool is, let alone be 
    able to convert using XSLT. But, I think, they will be able 
    to follow guidelines as in the TEN standard quite easily. 
    Wouldn't that be a good thing?

+1. RNIB have been using a far simpler plain text format to deliver
magazine material to customers who use a text editor and AT to read it.

The base requirement (then) was less than 64Kb file size,
ease of navigation. No more no less. 

Dan with his TEN proposal or standard, has taken that further.
Its not that hard to take such plain text and convert it to XML
and hence to XHTML with structure. It can't be, I've done it.

The lack of HTML skills is a driver, the ease of navigation 
another. I've suggested other modfications to Dan, but its hard
deriving a good balance point between complexity, usability and functionality.

CNIB have settled on a Microsoft Word format, which is processed into various
formats. The bottom line seems to be that XML XHTML and even HTML are simply
too much for some volunteers and authors.

I fully support Dan's motives and the end result, and I know our customers find it
of great utility.

If WCAG can't support that class of format its their loss.

regards DaveP

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