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holiday gift offer

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To All,
If you are dealing with assistive technology, you know how frustrating it  is 
locating the correct products. Concurrent Technologies Corporation Foundation 
 presents you with a way to correct that problem. The press release below  
presents you with the option to buy the best book on the market in the assistive 
 technology area. A huge discount is available through early January 2005 if 
you  buy the book now.
If you do not wish to receive future announcements from me please let me  
John Williams 
Assistive Technology  News
Independence Through  Technology
19  Crescent Court,  Sterling, VA  20164-1601 
703 404 9557/ Fax: 703 406-3728728          
_jmmaw@aol.com_ (mailto:jmmaw@aol.com)    

Release date: December 1, 2004 
Contact: John M.  Williams (703-404-9557) 
Howard  McClintic (202-312-2913) 
Holiday  Season Brings 50% Reduction in Book Price

Washington, DC – People have  more to cheer about this season because between 
November 1, 2004 and January 2,  2005 Concurrent Technologies Corp. 
Foundation is selling Assistive  Technologies: Expanding a Universe of Opportunities 
for People with  Disabilities for 50% of its original price. 
“The $49 price covers the On-line, CD and print versions of the book,”  says 
Howard McClintic, executive director, CTCF.  “We believe the book’s spirit 
of  expanding opportunities for people with disabilities matches the soaring 
spirit  of the holidays,” adds McClintic.      
With the addition of 8 manufacturers of assistive technology products,  CTCF 
and Assistive Technology News have expanded the most comprehensive list of  
assistive technology manufacturers worldwide ever published. A sample can be  
seen by visiting (www.atn-ctcf.org).  An order form is in the sample. To order 
either by check or  credit card contact CTC Foundation at 202-312-2913. 
“The book’s goal is to fill a vital need among employers  and employees with 
disabilities looking for assistive technology products that  are used in the 
workplace and in other areas to increase independence among  people with 
disabilities worldwide,” says the book’s author John Williams, who  believes these 
products are great equalizers for people with disabilities. He  has written 
about assistive technology products for 25 years.  
Expanding the list of AT manufacturers monthly is a goal of the  publishers, 
Assistive Technology News and Concurrent Technologies Corporation  Foundation 
(http://www.ctcfoundation.org), who intend to keep the  list current.  
“By updating the list regularly, we add value to the book and guarantee  the 
public and private sectors that they have access to the most current  
information in this field,” says Howard McClintic, executive director, CTC  
Foundation. McClintic says a section on bionics will be added to the  book. 
The book lists more than 600 hundreds (almost 700) of manufacturers of 
assistive technology manufacturers in the United States,  Canada, Europe, Australia, 
South America and Asia. Employers looking for  information on products 
benefiting speech impaired, blind, visually impaired,  deaf, hearing impaired, 
physically challenged, cognitively-challenged, mobility  challenged and mobility 
challenged employees  will discover it in the book.  
With millions of aging employees with disabilities requiring assistive  
technology to maintain their productivity and efficiency, and millions of  working 
age people with disabilities unemployed, this book provides employers  with a 
one-stop shopping source in the field of assistive technology  products.  
Employers will find  information on voice recognition systems, text-to-speech 
products, Braille  products, keyboards, low vision products, hearing products, 
environmental  control products, and other products to increase independence and 
employment  opportunities for people with disabilities.    
The contents, the  book will include:contain summaries of federal legislation 
 passed on disability  areas since  1968; recent United States Supreme Court 
decisions on space  problem here 
disability andon the Americans with Disabilities Act; 12  columns on 
assistive technology products used in various environments; an  overview of assistive 
technology today;, such as IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett  Packard, articles written 
by representatives from Microsoft,  IBM, Kurzweil Educational Systems, Deque 
and Oracle on their corporate  philosophies in providing accessible products in 
assistive technology areas; a  chapter on United Nations’ activities in 
providing on-line accessibility to  people with disabilities worldwide; and 
definitions dealing with assistive  technology and disability areas.   
The CTC Foundation (_www.ctcfoundation.org_ (http://www.ctcfoundation.org/) ) 
was established five years ago with the primary goal  of mainstreaming niche 
technologies. The Foundation  wants to see AT more widely used in local  
communities where there are a community of persons with disabilities, with 
foundation and/or  corporate support.  Contact  Howard McClintic at (202) 312-2913 or 
_mcclinth@ctcgsc.org_ (mailto:mcclinth@ctcgsc.org)  for more  information. 
For information regarding advertising and sponsorship of the AT book and  the 
soon to be launched Assistive Technology News web program contact Cindy  
Hughes at _clhughes@strategicoutreach.com_ (mailto:clhughes@strategicoutreach.com) 

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