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National Federation of the Blind Launches New On-line Publication
The National Federation of the Blind has launched a brand new Web-based
publication called the Voice of the Nation's Blind.  The inaugural issue of
the publication can be found at

The purpose of the Voice of the Nation's Blind is to use the full power of
the Internet to bring content about the Federation and its activities, as
well as other matters of interest to the blind community, to the widest
possible audience, and to present this content in new and exciting
ways.  The VNB Web site will feature an abundance of audio and video
material, as well as written articles.  The publication will also provide
readers with opportunities to interact with its editor and staff at the
National Center for the Blind via the Internet to submit articles, make
comments and suggestions on existing and future content, and pose questions
to the editor.

The goals of the Voice of the Nation's Blind are:

        To provide exclusive on-line content about the National Federation
of the Blind, the National Center for the Blind and NFB Jernigan
Institute,  and our activities;
        To publish in-depth coverage of issues that are important to the
blind community;
        To profile leaders in the Federation and other interesting blind
        To discuss new technologies that may assist the blind, as well as
the access issues we face with existing commercial technologies and the
        To discuss the interaction of blindness and blind people with the
media and the arts and to provide a forum for artistic expression in the
blind community;
        To discuss legal matters involving the Federation and
Federationists, as well as other legal issues that affect the blind;
        To allow NFB members to pose questions and comments directly to
the magazine's editorial staff and the staff here at the National Center
for the Blind; and
        To talk about the many ways in which our 52 state and regional
affiliates and hundreds of local chapters are helping the blind and
advancing the cause of the Federation in their own communities, and to
serve as a sounding board for ideas on how affiliates can continue to
support this big program of serving the blind at the local level.

The inaugural issue of the Voice of the Nation's Blind includes:

        An extensive feature package on electronic voting machines,
including an article about the recent controversy surrounding these devices
and how the blind community can respond effectively and an audiovisual
demonstration of three accessible voting machines;
        A new perspective on the life of NFB founder Dr. Jacobus tenBroek
from one of his distinguished colleagues in the California legal community;
        Extensive audio and video coverage of the third annual
Possibilities Fair for Seniors held at the NFB Jernigan Institute in May of
this year, including the featured speakers and an interview with a
participant; and
        The story of an innovative computer training program run by the
NFB of South Carolina and how it's being expanded to help blinded veterans
learn about adaptive computer technology.

There's more in the inaugural issue and more to come, so please visit us on
the Web today, and don't hesitate to comment on this new publication,
submit articles, and make suggestions as to what you think we should
include in future issues.  Happy browsing!

Chris Danielsen, Editor

Voice of the Nation's Blind

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