Follow-up ISP and Ad's

Hello All,

I wanted to post to the list that I have received specific feedback from an
ISP, regarding the advertisement and the accessibility of users sites
because of the ads. For privacy reasons I will not mention the isp's name
but I wanted to report back that the ISP was very receptive and asked us to
fully describe the issue and to make a recommendation for correcting the

This is not a new customer nor did we try to sell, we just had our Ed &
Outreach coordinator contact them. I will keep the list posted at the end,
because if this is successful this could be a good boilerplate request.

I find that large corporations tend to be very receptive if you can get to
the right person.


Rob Yonaitis
The adjustable workspace and the dashboard reporting cluster moves where you
need it to, adjusting to your personal preferences without losing sight of
needed functionality.

Received on Friday, 27 June 2003 13:35:46 UTC