Re: Judging Web Site Accessibility


I saw the subject and a question immediately popped into my mind.

Someone recently passed on to me the link of a site that saying "This is
really neat and wouldn't it be great to do our site like this." The site in
question is

When I went to take a look at the site I noticed that it is all in Flash and
the people involved with this group are highly respected long time

So how would one "judge the accessibility" of an all Flash site as the usual
techniques that one (or at least I) would use are not applicable (Lynx,
source code, etc.)? Is there an automated Flash "accessibility" checker? Has
Flash evolved enough to be even asking these question in regards to "Judging
Web Site Accessibility"? And might the usability benefits to the targeted
users (people with developmental disabilities) be important enough to
consider Flash for ease of use?

Craig Hadley
Madison WI

Received on Friday, 27 June 2003 14:37:04 UTC