RE: Head in the sand, driving a car

A half-serious, half humorous answer to the "how to disable
right click" question: give them a Mac mouse ;-)

Seriously though, you may want to look at providing alternative
input devices (i.e. the "instructor's car with dual controls")

Patrick H. Lauke
Webmaster / University of Salford

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> Relatively simply, by having an icon (favicon or other) that 
> loads the 
> webpage on the desktop.
> or having a local carer who navigates to the page. We have users that 
> do both.
> This right clicking problem can be physical, drug induced, related to 
> learning difficulty, or other....
> In an ideal world this introduction to the web could be 
> semi-automated, 
> memorise where you got to blah blah but we are not there yet.
> This might in any case interfere with the spontaneity that motivates.
> Jonathan
> Jon wrote
> > How does the user get to the website in the first place?

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