Head in the sand, driving a car

Some people at IG seem to read my 'head in the sand' comment as 
personal to David, it certainly is not!
	The W3 guidelines are text based, and GL not only appears content with 
this; but is avoiding the issue of other W3 technologies, interactivity 
and games*. Alt tags do not make a game accessible.

My students cannot read, but more than this they need a responsive and 
accessible environment in order to learn, without guidelines this is 
very difficult to achieve. We urgently needs to address not only the 
accessibility of W3 technologies such as SVG but also scripting 
including ECMA script )the document I originally authored some years 
ago has not been adopted; and nothing similar has been published either 

	If browsers were made so that one could not do the things that are 
supposedly best left to say the OS, then our users and their helpers 
would be very seriously disadvantaged, as I would not be able to 'help' 
them. The guidelines need to include examples of why, and for what 
reason, they can be broken, and show how to do this as accessibly as 
possible. One could compare this with a driving instructor's car, 
different needs will require duplication of discrete parts.



*an excellent example of this is the failure to raise any response to 
Steffie, Moo and Splat.

Received on Monday, 2 June 2003 09:02:19 UTC