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Every thing that can be handled by the user agent like printing, making favorites, moving to the top and bottom of a page should be handled by the user agent making it much easier for users to use any website, making our web pages less cluttered, saving web programmers hours of coding, etc.

We don't have a "print"-icon in emails for printing, or in spread sheets, documents etc. And we should not have "print"-icons in web pages. Let the user agent do the job making use of a stylesheet for the printer. There could be som rare exceptions.

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On Sunday, 25-05-2003 00:38, David Woolley wrote:

Accessibility, means that if the current standard doesn't allow an 
accessible in window print button; Then we need to change the standard.

A brief survey of flash sites will show you that by far the majority 
that provide a suitable activity also have their own print button.
Part of this is usability, part style. If the user is engaged in a 
centre screen activity, it is quicker and easier to move the mouse less 
far, but also the design, color and context can be far more 
appropriate than that in the toolbar.

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