window.print ()

Can anyone provide links to examples of the accessible use of 
window.print ()
problems may include, but are not limited to:
disabling js/nojs/pre js1.2

Any responses will be used to update:
Client-side Scripting Techniques for Web Content Accessibility 
Guidelines 2.0

I've been writing js for quite a few years now and never seen this in 
recently we've been asked to create certificates so visitors and 
teachers can track progress.
thanks to Alixa for pointing this out, just in time as the saying goes, 
last night I literally dreamt I had to sort this out.

ps do we have guidelines or examples about printing? ie how to 
reformat, or even just ensure that a page fits a given format.
any resources or example links appreciated.


Received on Thursday, 22 May 2003 01:41:17 UTC