Re: Remember Southwest Airlines?

From: "Joe Clark" <>
Subject: Remember Southwest Airlines?

> Well, after winning an ADA complaint about the inaccessibility of
> their Web site, Southwest Airlines is suddenly promoting the changes
> it has made to improve accessibility:

Good news indeed - and well spotted!

In creating a blog entry to mark the occassion I'm trying to find a legal
opinion piece on the original case ruling on the Southwest Airlines suit. I
vaguely recall a link to it from - but I'm
struggling to find it. (And its bl***y annoying that googling on "Southwest
Airlines Accessibility" returns my blog entry as top result - hardly an
authorative source).

The best I can find this morning is Cynthia Brewer's post to this mailing
Although its a good enough resource for me, I keep recalling (imagining?) a
legal opinion piece on the actual "flawed" ruling - any ideas?


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