Re: Slightly OT: Web Accessibility Certifications

My two licensed screen readers are jaws for windows and outspoken for the
mack.  I've evaluated some of the sites they "certify" and they come up
short.  In looking over their advertisements, I am chillingly reminded of a
time when access was not so good by their link texts.  Link to this, link to

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Here's the URL:

Hey, neat, I don't qualify:

I don't use JAWS or WindowEyes, which seem to be a requirement.
("Do you own licenses for at least two screen reading programs?" -- no.)

I guess I'm not good enough to be an NFB "Web Accessibility

Based on the criteria they use -- which focuses ENTIRELY on designing
pages which can be used by blind people, without any apparent concern
for people with disabilities which are not visual -- perhaps this should
be called Blind Web Accessibility Consultant?

--Kynn, Mac OS X user who would have to spend over $1000 to buy
Microsoft Windows software he'd never use in order to be certified...

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