Re: Speed on Animated Gifs

> "Check out this new range" and 2 seconds later it will say "of dvds, cds and
> videos" - that seems like a long time, however at the bottom corner of this

The problem with this is that a slow reader will not finish reading one
line before it is replaced.  That can happen for people viewing in a
foreign language as well as those with difficulties reading in their
native language.  (It will almost certainly completely confuse a
pure screen reader - it would require that such an accessibility tool
see the underlying data, not that part of it currently displayed.)

I don't think slow animation of text is acceptable, except possibly
in some specific, and probably language, teaching applications.  Flashing
of fixed text may be acceptable, but one has to understand that that text
must be assumed to take the users attention away from all of the rest of
the page - that's why advertisers like it - they don't care about the
editorial content!

Received on Thursday, 15 May 2003 02:57:38 UTC