Some Tools Re: evaluation & repair tool in Linux

Hello all,

There are a few tools that might be interesting. The most obvious one 
seems to be WAINU, which is java and runs on linux, windows, etc. It can 
be downloaded from 
(page is in french). I recommend getting the "full WAINU+AnnoteaMez" ad 
learning everything you can about it. It is open source, it allows for 
correcting (like A-prompt), and it also has a function for storing 
results, so you can check them again later.

If anyone wants to work on it (write documentation in any language, make 
it multi-lingual, improve the messages it gives, add a new analysis, 
etc) the license for WAINU is LGPL (you have to provide source code for 
all modifications you make, including systems that only work with that 
software) and the license for AnnoteaMez (the java libraries for working 
with EARL and Annotea systems) are W3C License (you have to acknowledge 
that you used code, but need not provide code).

There are some other tools that can be helpful. ht://Check - - and Tidy (lots of homes - see 
below) are general quality-checking tools for code, and both are 
available for linux for free.

There is also checky and checkIE, which basically provide a way to use 
your browser to link to a number of checking tools.

I'm sure there are more. Don't forget W3C's list of evaluation tools at (although it is a little out of 
date at the moment)

Tidy is available from (apparently 
more up to date version than the one on the W3C site that was handed 
over some years ago to sourceforge). But for tidy, checky and checkIE I 
would try a search engine. (Also because I am lacking time). Sending 
results for listing on WAI's page would be good, too.


Charles McCN

Catherine Roy wrote:

>Greetings all,
>I am looking for an Web site accessibility evaluation & repair tool in
>Linux.  Does anyone know of such a tool ?  I'm looking for something free as
>this is for an organisation that has pratically no money.  Thanks,

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