Accessible image upload utility: QuicknEasyImage Pro: test please?


I'm looking for some friendly testers for a new browser based 'accessible'
image upload utility called 'QuicknEasyImage Pro' (written in PHP). If you
test it, and give some feedback, you can keep a registered version - if you
find it useful. 

(In fact - in case you think this is just a sales pitch - I'm happy to give
it to any WAI list member for free.)

If you are interested, please download the Pro version from
http:/ You can also test it using the demo on the

It is designed with the following in mind:

* Easier to make images accessible - because alt and title attributes are
typed into web form fields.

* Easier to create error free standard compliant 'HTML 4 transitional' or
'XHML 1  transitional' image tags.

* Creates in-line CSS presentation attributes if required.

* Makes it easier and quicker to add images to web pages: it creates the
image tag for you - you just copy and paste it into your HTML.

The utility can also resize images and automatically created linked
thumbnails and large images.

It's not a image gallery utility, it's suitable for those times when you
want to add one or two images to an existing web page.

I hope it's useful - I've certainly found it useful for my own websites. :-)

All the best,

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Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2003 09:20:24 UTC