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I go by this general rule: 
if the site depends on a certain functionality don't interfere with client-side scripting. Navigation menus are most certainly the sort of thing that sites depend on  and as such I wouldn't use anything other than mark-up to generate them (of course that mark-up can be generated using server-side scripts quite safely). 
I generally use my browser (currently Opera 7.1) with javascript disabled so if I visited a site with menus that you're talking about I'd be stuck. Unless of course you provided text-only equivalent links but then what's the point - may as well make the first set accessible in the first place. (IMO)
Also, I'm not sure what you mean by dynamic menus - do you mean dynamic in the sense that they are generated from  a database or in the sense that they are DHTML and do things like slide out/down when a user hovers with their mouse. If the latter then you will probably find that you have to work quite hard to make the menus device independent. There are a couple of examples of out there but I can't remember any URIs and as I remember they didn't look that great but that was about a year ago so things might have moved on a bit since then in terms of styling.
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I realise that this has probably been thrashed out before  but what are peoples opinions of using JavaScript  say for creating dynamic menus?
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