WCAG versus Bobby for site review?

I feel I have a pretty good understanding of web accessiblity and 
believe that my personal site conforms (for the most part) to the Level 
Triple A guidelines of the WCAG. However, I have a few questions, or 
"user checks" if you will.

I also know Bobby has shortcomings in some areas and these are mainly 
where my questions arise. Bobby has flagged some things that I think are 
  non-issues though I'm particularly unsure on one of them.

1. "Separate adjacent links with more than whitespace." is flagged with 
adjacent anchor tags even if they are not both links. I believe this is 
a Bobby bug and not an accessibility problem. Would you agree?

2. "Do not use the same link phrase more than once when the links point 
to different URLs." refers to WCAG Section 13.1 Priority 2 which states 
"Clearly identify the target of each link." This is the one I am unsure 
about. I have permanent links to each of my web log posts where the link 
text is consistently "#" but each anchor has a unique title attribute of 
"permanent link to post <number>". Would this suffice for "clearly 
identifying the target"? Arguably, I could pick some link text that 
would be moer clear, like "link", but doesn't the unique title suffice 
the requirement for WCAG?

The page in question is:

I know Bobby has some bugs and that's why I list my accessibility link 
as "WCAG compliant" instead of "Bobby approved". I just wanted to see if 
the experts on this list had opinions on the noted issues. By the way, 
CynthiaSays doesn't flag them.

Thanks in advance,
James Craig


Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 17:51:14 UTC