Re: Colour blindness and accessibility

Lois Wakeman wrote:
>Someone contacted me via my web site and asked if I could give any examples
>of how colour blindness affects people in their work - not just web sites,
>but office and industrial equipment etc. Is there anyone here who can
>provide her with some practical examples?
>If so, please contact Ingeborg Marie Dehs Thomas at

I know a guy who is color-blind and can distinguish traffic lights 
without problems because of their position either vertically or 
horizontally. He said the only time it becomes a problem is when there 
is a single flashing light (either red for stop or yellow for caution). 
Even though he guesses correctly most of the time, when someone else is 
in the car, he always asks the color of the light. When he is alone, he 
just takes extra precaution to slow down early in case he does have to stop.

This may be old news, but I just found a fantastic web site 
color-blindness simulator linked from the WaSP website. I've previously 
used VisCheck and like this new one *much* better.

Good luck,
James Craig


Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 18:21:22 UTC