Re: Accessible portal registering solutions

Hi Pablo
> Im working in a web application which allows user
> registering, login and logout. Im looking for a
> secure way for the register process, avoiding massive
> automatic registers via software. For example, in
> Yahoo you need to read a random word painted in an
> image to register mail, but it seems a bad solution
> looking from accesibility and WAI guidelines. I wonder
> if anyone here had been working about it or anyone has
> any idea.

I assume that you are trying to defeat "robot" registrations.

My suggestion, to keep things simple, is to use something like the 
system used to sign up for many mailing lists.

1) User fills in form, including an e-mail address.
2) Application sends an e-mail with
	2a) a link which can be followed to confirm the
	2b) an instruction to do something on the page like
	"select the first option on question 3, the third
	option on question 2, the second option on question

The second option would be, in my opinion, the most robot-proof.  I 
could give you an example in Perl if you wanted it.

I use mail-generating code in a few of my applications; the e-mails are 
short and simple and thus (hopefully) accessible; less than a dozen 
lines of code are required to produce the mail (using Perl example) and, 
in my Linux environment, there is no noticable overhead on the server.



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Received on Tuesday, 22 April 2003 08:25:59 UTC