RE: Accessible portal registering solutions

I remember two discussions while ago on sitepointforums
about this

Alternatives that are currently being explored seem to be
to offer an audio version of the Captcha, and/or to substitute
it with something like a multiple-hoice test.

Nevertheless, these alternatives can also cause problems and
are certainly not the answer to all accessibility issues.

Apart from having an actual human being at the other end
manually checking registration details, I don't think there is
any completely accessible way of doing this sort of thing, imho.
I'd be glad if some other list members could shed some light
on this issue, as it's something that I've been battling with
as well in a recent project.


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> Subject: Accessible portal registering solutions
> Good afternoon:
> I´m working in a web application which allows user
> registering, login and logout. I´m looking for a
> secure way for the register process, avoiding massive
> automatic registers via software. For example, in
> Yahoo you need to read a random word painted in an
> image to register mail, but it seems a bad solution
> looking from accesibility and WAI guidelines. I wonder
> if anyone here had been working about it or anyone has
> any idea.
> Thank you.
> Pablo Enríquez.
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