RE: 2 HTML documents in one

Just in this thread... Patrick (see his posting):

"In the end, it comes down to the usual question: why stick to standards, if
my browser still shows it as I want?"

Just because it works in *his browser* is not the point... if you want it to
be truly accessible it must "work" in every browser, nay-sayers and scoffers
notwithstanding.  There are those who claim that developers won't "eat their
own dog food" to which I can only reply "does two wrongs make a right?"

(regular eater of my own dog food)

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> phil potter wrote:
> >Yes, I've tried it in WDG's validator and  the double HTML tag was
> >picked-up, which was pleasing. I've also reviewed the HTML specification
> >that gives a typical use of the HTML tag, which is one opening tag and
> >one closing tag - super, that all makes sense, and I agree with you that
> >it can't be acceptable for the reasons that you outline.
> Not just that, but *ANY* HTML or XML document can only have one root
> element. The only things allowed outside that element are the XML
> declaration and the DTD tag.
> I'm not sure who was claiming the "if it works" school, but without
> proper standards in place defined and used, no user-agent or parser can
> be expected to work properly. Also, markup-compatible technologies such
> as CSS and the DOM could behave unexpectedly.
> James

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