Re: The two models of accessibility

Hi, Larry

Are steps accessible to paraplegics?  Actually, many paraplegics can
crawl there way up and down stairs dragging their wheelchairs behind
them.  However, it is very slow and cumbersome and I doubt many people
would believe that steps are accessible to paraplegics.

I think that removal of barriers can accomplish more and still not
be approaching miracles.


> Scott,
> I'm not a lawyer nor a procurement official and the following is only 
> my personal opinion, but I believe that the word "comparable" as used 
> here means "able to access and use the information and data", not to 
> ensure access that is equal in all regards e.g., without use of 
> assistive technology or at some specified rate.
> Probably a bad analogy but comparable physical access to buildings 
> means providing ramps and automated doors albeit these take a bit 
> longer to navigate in a wheelchair compared to simply walking up some 
> steps and opening the door by hand.
> In other words, the intent is to remove barriers, not work miracles.
> Regards,
> Larry

Received on Thursday, 3 April 2003 17:43:43 UTC