Re: SVG to image maps?

On Monday, 18 March, 2002, 22:30:14, Danny wrote:

DA> Hi,
DA> Has anyone played with stylesheets to render SVG data down to good ol' html
DA> image maps?

That would seem problematic in the general case.

DA> Whilst looking at some XSLT that went the other way around [1], it occurred
DA> to me that this might be useful in situations where an SVG viewer wasn't
DA> available

Rendering of static images is fine, for such situations, but I would
be reluctant to go too far down the imagemap /sliced table / ton of
javascript route because it dumbs down what SVG is capable of and, if
lots of effort is put into it, merely delays the general rollout of
SVG. And the result tends to be wildly inaccessible, slow, heavy, and
of poor quality.

DA> and/or there was an assistive technology that could make some
DA> sense of an image map but would baulk at SVG.

That seems unlikely, and contrary to UAAG guidelines. A real,
interoperable XML DOM is a far better bet for an assistive technology
that either screenscraping or a problematic and browser-dependent,
undefined, 'HTML DOM Level 0'.


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