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A couple of interesting items involving web accessibility

From: Michael R. Burks <mburks952@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 22:54:02 -0500
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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For those of you who are interested in Policy and a bit of history.

I have just posted two files on the www.icdri.org web site.

The first is a translation of the activity of the Japanese Government
regarding web accessiblity and other accessibility issues regarding
electronic and information technology.  It can be found at:

The second is copy of the guidelines written by Cynthia Waddell when she was
the ADA coordinator of the City of San Jose California.  These were issued
in March of 1997 and prior to the W3C Guidelines.  They are in fact, as
nearly as we can tell, the first time a government made any move to issue
such guidelines about the web.  They can be found at:

I thought these might interest many of you, and the guidelines might help
put things in historical perspective.

I should also mention that Cynthia has helped author a book that should be
available from I believe, Wrox press.  This book will have extensive
sections on law and policy around the world and if you have a need to know
these things will be well worth the read.


Mike Burks
Public Information Officer]
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