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RE: Software Questions

From: Richard Bowers <rbowers@intelixinc.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 09:51:49 -0500
Message-ID: <2E4803362989244D963CE9812CDCF75D27D7C7@PEGASUS.intelixinc.com>
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For reading client-server apps -- tools like Jaws or WindowsEyes will,
as far as I know, read whatever Windows sees. That means that current
technology, like Java Swing clients, can be used through them if the
programmer for the tool set everything up right. Older technology, like
Java AWT or SmallTalk, is often not accessible. For "thin-client" using
browser-based code, there's no difference between that and anything else
on the web -- it will be read if the interface is accessible.
For fixing -- It depends on what you mean by client/server. If you mean
fat-client applications, that use Java, VB, or SmallTalk, for example, I
don't believe that any of the popular HTML fixing applications will fix
that code. There are a number of niche products that I have seen to
automatically fix certain common mistakes with Java or VB, but I haven't
used any of them. If you mean thin-client, using HTML, JSP, ASP, etc.,
then some of those applications will fix the code. I know that my
company's tool, iACT, can evaluate and fix ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion, etc.,
and I imagine that most of the other tools could as well.
Richard Bowers
Director of Innovations

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	Does JAWS work with client server applications and do tools such
as insight/infocus, lift or HiSoftware also work with client server





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