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Re: Fwd: GW Micro Helps Make Macromedia Flash Content Accessible to People Who Are Blind

From: Access Systems <accessys@smart.net>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 19:50:39 -0500 (EST)
To: Aaron Smith <aaron@gwmicro.com>
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On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Aaron Smith wrote:

there is a previous message about the macromedia flash, as soon as I try
to reply to that message it sends an abort signal to my e-mail program.



> Here's the whole thing...
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> >From: Aaron Smith <aaron@gwmicro.com>
> >Subject: GW Micro Helps Make Macromedia Flash Content Accessible to
> >   People Who Are Blind
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> >March 4, 2002
> >
> >GW Micro Helps Make Macromedia Flash Content Accessible to People Who Are 
> >Blind
> >
> >
> >(Fort Wayne, IN) -- GW Micro, creator of Window-Eyes Standard and 
> >Window-Eyes Professional, is proud to announce support for the new 
> >Macromedia Flash Player 6 announced today by Macromedia.  Window-Eyes is a 
> >software screen reader for people who are blind. Macromedia Flash Player 6 
> >provides Window-Eyes users with access to the most exciting and engaging 
> >content and applications on the web. This is the first release of 
> >Macromedia Flash Player that communicates with screen readers. People with 
> >visual disabilities can now share in the best experience on the web.
> >
> >Macromedia Flash MX, which was also announced today, enables the 
> >development of a new generation of rich Internet content and applications. 
> >The product simplifies the creation of Section 508-compliant content by 
> >including features to quickly add descriptive text when content is being 
> >created.
> >
> >Macromedia Flash Player 6 leverages the Microsoft Active Accessibility 
> >(MSAA) standard for accessible application development on the Windows 
> >platform.  MSAA provides a standard for assistive technology vendors to 
> >incorporate Macromedia Flash support into their tools.  With the release 
> >of Macromedia Flash MX and Flash Player 6, Macromedia is working with 
> >developers and designers to make the web accessible to all.
> >
> >"Macromedia is committed to making powerful products that push the promise 
> >of the Internet forward without leaving anybody behind," said Bob Regan, 
> >product manager, accessibility, Macromedia. "GW Micro is a leader in 
> >providing accessible solutions built on the MSAA standard, so they were an 
> >obvious choice to ensure rich Macromedia Flash content and applications 
> >were available to people who are blind."
> >
> >Clarence Whaley, Director of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro, stated, 
> >"The efforts of GW Micro and Macromedia are impacting the lives of those 
> >of us who are blind more than ever before. This product integration allows 
> >more people who are blind to enter the workforce and have greater 
> >independence by accessing web content that in the past had to be read by 
> >someone sighted."
> >
> >The Window-Eyes Professional software for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP 
> >Home Edition, and XP Professional retails for $795.00, and is available 
> >for purchase.  This one size fits all pricing makes Window-Eyes 
> >Professional the most affordable screen reader on the market, and with the 
> >new Macromedia Flash Player 6 you will have access like never before.
> >
> >Founded in 1990, GW Micro, a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based assistive 
> >technology company, is committed to producing the most reliable screen 
> >reader available for people who are blind.  Using Window-Eyes Professional 
> >and Macromedia Flash MX allows them to view flash content with speech 
> >synthesis and refreshable Braille displays, making it now possible to 
> >enjoy the same access as their sighted peers.
> >
> >Contact: Clarence Whaley
> >clarence@gwmicro.com
> >www.gwmicro.com
> >615/383-6248
> >
> >
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