RE: Browser Issues

I originally said:

I was reading some information about the Maguire v. SOCOG case this morning,
and one of the comments was that web sites should be accessible regardless
of the user's browser.

This came from Tom Worthington's overview of the Maguire case that is on his
web site.  In it, he references the WCAG 1.0, which lists " early
version of a browser, or a different browser entirely...." as an
accessibiliy issue.

While I do agree that an older browser causes accessibility issues, I feel
that when standards are brought into the picture that older browsers should
be considered non-standard and should be discouraged as much as possible.  

David responded with: 

If you treat HTML as a page description language, you will fail dismally in
this context...

I agree with this.  I think too many web designers think of HTML this way,
rather than as a language for structuring content.  I think this has always
been my view, but it has become much clearer since I made the move to XHTML
and CSS.

I just don't want people to get the idea that they are discriminating
against users of older browsers if they begin coding to the recommended
standards of XHTML, CSS, DOM and XML.


Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2002 07:49:56 UTC