RE: The Nonsense Rhetoric of Web Accessibility (was: background-image in CSS)

At 3:39 AM +0800 1/19/02, Harry Woodrow wrote:
>  If you claim otherwise, you are insane, deluded, lying, or woefully
>misinformed.  Have you ever thought that in this case it may be you that is

Nope.  I know that putting purely illustrative images in CSS
background-image properties is not discrimination.

Now, keep in mind that the next trick is to accuse me of arrogance
and egotism.  That's what usually pops up here when I claim someone
else is wrong, and I'm correct -- even though they've happily been
spouting utter nonsense for days.  Somehow, I'm much too arrogant
for pointing out they're incorrect, and much too offensive in the
way I express myself, even though I'm not the one making analogies
to racism and I'm just saying "you're wrong."

Go ahead, Harry, you know you want to.


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