Re: img alt text, links and titles

Yes, having alt available is a great thing. Having the choice of alt, title,
or the stuff on both an image and a link is even cooler.

It is only assuimng that the alt attribute specifies a tooltip, and ought to
be used as a tooltip might, which is a bad idea.



On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Jim Ley wrote:

  > Rebecca wrote:
  > > So I get requests to put long, descriptive alt text on images used as
  > > links - even those for navigation! :(
  > You can (and possibly "should") use JavaScript and/or CSS to pop up
  > tooltip text on mouseovers. Alt should never be used for tooltips;
  > the two are completely different types of information.

  Yet having ALT available on tooltip is invaluable to me, and it is
  encouraged by UAAG (in the "allow alternative content to be displayed
  simultaneously with the content so as to aid understanding.)


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