Re: Using Form Elements for Pages only Intended for Printing

RUST Randal wrote:

> It is my understanding that Javascript CAN be used for Level 1 compliance.

I hope not.  I think that the site always has to be useable
without it.  It was priority 1 (item 6.3) in the 1999 guidelines.
Scripting is banned for security reasons in many places, as well
as well as requiring expensive speech browsers.

> <input type="button" id="print" name="print" javascript:
> onclick="window.print();" />

This is mangled HTML and a dead button as far as I am
concerned; there is no fallback.  There shouldn't be
a javascript: (generally there never should be, as events can
always, I think, do the same as that pseudo URL), but that
doesn't avoid the problem that you have a button that does
nothing when scripting is off.

Also, from a general usablity point of view I think it is bad

to duplicate functions that are built into the browser.  The
result tends to be a different way of doing them on every site.

Moreover, at least some versions of NS4 are not HTML 4 aware for
input elements and insist on their being inside forms.

Received on Thursday, 10 January 2002 18:51:32 UTC