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Re: more CSS and tables

From: Hoehnermusikfan <info@hoehnermusikfan.net>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 16:17:04 -0800
Message-ID: <002701c197d9$cf3a81e0$8ba46dc2@xs4all.nl>
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Vadim, when  you set in IE  5.5 textsize to largest, in the bottom of the
page http://news.cnet.com is a big mess. Did you see that? Due to not valid

You make a very good point that using CSS is saving bandwidth and also
energy. For me also a reason to use CSS always.  (I  mentioned  that reason
for using CSS in sitepolicy). It takes much less time to maintain it too and
I think it gives much more freedom to create a very original site and change
also a single page  very quickly..

Denise, I can show you a site that looks as it is coded with many tables
but when you look the correct code, it  has  no table for layout at all. The
designer is very creative in using margin and padding properties . In
Netscape 4 it shows, despite the correct coding,  a real table-layout
version..... I don't know if the site still exists but the URL is
http://tropicasa.com  I believe this site was coded by Charles Munat... but
I am not sure of it..

Chaals what  do you mean with a "big if" pointing on correct coding? I
thought that correct code  is the only way to get showed a site as you want
to see and/or /hear it..marking up everything correctly ...using the best
possible browser.. .But is not very easy  to code a site in this way...
I don't care if my site looks nice in Netscape4, when I can see the
structrure-elements and completely understand what is important for the
purpose of the site.. Updates are free.. Though I have a simple stylesheet
for this sort of problembrowsers and another more difficult one for the
better browsers....I always test my sites with everything set off. in Snoop
and also in Lynx...

So my current homepage in the fansite does not look very well in Netscape4,
but it is a temporary one.. It has a New Years poem I wrote in German ..I
will replace it tomorrow with the original homepage... The poem has a
different background as the rest of the page and is  not coded in tables for
The URL is http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net
I admit this site is very simple but without any table for layout. Fans like
it because it is a completely different site as other fansites...

David, I reread always the code more times when I finished it, looking if I
can remove the span tags... Span tags are most of the time a result of bad
code? That is what I learnt.... but that is not what I can read in most
books... (gggggggrrrrrr)...

Ineke van der Maat.
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