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On Saturday 05 January 2002 20:19, Joe Clark wrote:
|   I'm all for CSS layouts. I'm also all for table layouts. I use both,
|   actually. Someday, when I really figure out how to use CSS layouts
|   and all the browser bugs are worked out (all-stylesheet layouts are

What browser bugs are you speaking about?
replacement of <font> with <span> is already great by itself, and things like 
this work fine even in old NN 4.7
Many CSS rules work fine in MS IE 5.0, which is so far is de-facto standard 
on the web (around 80% of all visitors)

Good example of high-traffic site which exactly did transition like this is (C-Net news)
They changed from <font> to <span>/<div> and CSS around one year ago 
(beginning of 2001), and rsulting page size decreased from around 60K to 
I have both types of their pages saved on disk, and can send to people 
interested in those changes by mail off-list.

|   ten times harder to get right cross-platform than tables), I'll
|   convert en masse. We have not reached that day, and nagging at people
|   to stop using tables for layout when CSS is so very difficult and
|   buggy *and* when real-world adaptive technology handles tables just
|   fine simply is not getting us anywhere.

as soon as other browsers (Mozilla, in particular) support display: 
inline-block CSS property, I see no real reason to use tables for layouts.
You can do inline layouting of blocks using ... 'inline-block' property
 At a moment, { display: inline-block } is supported by MS IE6 and MacIE 5.x
 * * * * * * 
there is no warranty that TABLEs will be supported by future (X)HTML 
sepcifications. And Tables module is *optional* in CSS3 - it is *not 
required*. Therefor, you can face browser in the future, which is fully 
standard compliant and can't layout tables at all - as ... it doesn't need 
 * * * * * * 

|   I am perfectly aware, by the way, of the vast repositories of
|   ready-made CSS designs available out there, like
|   <> and the list at
|   <>. I have a hard time getting those
|   to work, either.

They have nice examples how to work-around existing bugs.

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