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Re: Visible, simple, accessible sites

From: John Nissen <jn@tommy.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 22:21:27 GMT
Message-Id: <53806@tommy.demon.co.uk>
To: kasday@acm.org
Cc: wai@tommy.demon.co.uk
Hi Len,

In message <> 
"Leonard R. Kasday" writes:

>I don't understand
>>2.2  Don't have back and home buttons on the page
>>Again these are confusing, as the behaviour conflicts with that
>>of Back and Home buttons on the browser.
>The home button on a site takes you back to the home page of that site,
>whereas the home button on your browser takes you to the default home page
>of the browser which is independent of the site.  So I don't see a conflict.

Try explaining that to your average elderly, non-techie, person, who thinks
home is where they are sitting.

OK, you and I understand that "home" means different things.  It's using
the same term which causes the real confusion.  Calling it, say, "Front page" 
on the site would avoid this confusion.  We're stuck with the Home button
on the browser, and the semantics of this.

BTW, if visitors enter the site at the top, they can always get back to
the top using the browser's back button.  This should be encouraged -
as I say in one of my other points.


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