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Subject: [jobline] CWEB open positions
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 17:54:11 -0700
From: "Gene B. Ramirez" <g.b.ramirez@worldnet.att.net>
To: <jobline@onelist.com>

From: "Gene B. Ramirez" <g.b.ramirez@worldnet.att.net>

To all:

If you know someone or if you fit this description, I would greatly
appreciate your assistance.

Hot new internet start-up, ehealthcare services. Launching in 2
Pre-ipo, estimated to go public in 18 months. VC is Dell, Prodigy and
Vignette. Austin, TX office, 15 employees, ground floor opportunity.
Competitive compensation plus stock options plus benefit's. Rapid
advancement for the right candidate.

*  APPLICATION SOFTWARE ENGINEERS with 3-10 years of experience in web
application development and/or C/C++ programming. Responsibilities
design and development of dynamic web/HTML /CGI/ applications,
with backend database and middle-tier application  servers among other
things. This individual will be a key member of the engineering team
help deliver a very high performance solution for a transaction
application. Position requirements include: 2+ years of Web
development; 3+ years of industry software design experience,
some experience in a startup; knowledge of various Web development
tools and
technologies on Microsoft NT as well as Unix platforms; Experience
Dynamo and/or Apache web servers (handlers and Modules), NSAPI is
to be successful; experience with MS SQL Server or other relational
is a strong plus; candidate will be a strong team player; self-starter
willing to work in a startup environment. BS/MS in Computer Science or

*  DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR with 3- 5 years of experience. Responsible
for all
aspects of database administration including backup and recovery, data
integrity checks, schema management, storage management and tools for
same. This Database Administrator will work closely with the
engineering and
operations teams to ensure availability of the database at all times.
Position requirements include: 4+ years of DBA work with a relational
database; detailed knowledge of the MS SQL Server and Oracle database
including administration management tools available today; preferably
experience in an e-commerce startup; MS SQL Server and/or Oracle
certification is not necessary but is a strong plus; Strong team
self-starter willing to work in a startup environment. BS/MS in
Science or equivalent.

*  SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR with 3-5 years experience.
position is comparable to the role of Senior Graphic Designer within a
design agency or creative communications organization. The Senior
Designer is responsible for the visual creation of marketing
projects, based on the objectives of Brand Marketing. These projects
online advertising, online web pages, print design, and promotional
materials. The designer is responsible for all phases of the creative
process, including concept development, design, and production. The
applicant for Senior Graphic Designer should have a BA (or
equivalent), and
4+ years of professional graphic design experience. Experience should
include managing all aspects of design and production for print, Web
and interactive media. The applicant should have experience in
and marketing design, and should be team-oriented, organized, and have
excellent communication skills. Required knowledge also includes:
Illustrator, Quark, HTML, Web-safe colors, FTP, and a familiarity with
Additional skills such as copy writing, illustration, JavaScript, and
are a

Qualified candidates - please send a copy of your resume to
g.b.ramirez@worldnet.att.net and/or call me at 512-751-8409 or fax to

Thank you,

Gene Ramirez

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