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Web Mobility

From: Simon Harper <zzalszsh@fs1.mcc.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 11:23:05 +0100
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Hi there, and forgive me for any cross postings.

A few months ago I sent a Questionnaire to this mailing list with regard to 
some research I'm going into web mobility for visually impaired people. I'm 
now ready to compile the results but I need at least 4 more responses from 
visually impaired people so that I have a comparable set of replies from 
people who consider themselves visually impaired to those who don't.

This work will be submitted for publication at Hypertext 2000, and a position 
paper has already been submitted to CADUI'99. So I'd be really greatful for 
any replies.


1)Do you consider yourself to be visually impaired?

2)Go to 'www.imdb.com'
a)How do you know the page is loading?
b)How do you know the page has loaded?

3)Draw or describe the layout of the screen in rough areas?
a)How long did it take to find this out?
b)How would you label each area?
c)Is the layout familiar, and in what way?
d)If each of the areas you've identified above have different sections what 
are they?  

4)Can you search for a movie title?
a)If you can, how do you know?

5)Search for the Movie 'Heart Beat'.
a)How long did it take from starting the search to 'seeing' the cover graphic 
did it take?
b)Is the page layout (excluding sections) maintained?

6)Where was Heart Beat Filmed?
a)How long did it take to find this out?

7)What is the run-time?
a)How long did it take to find this out? 

8)Are all the options on the left-hand side selectable?
a)If not, which is the first option that is not selectable?
b)How long did it take to find this out?



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