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RE: Pentium III-only sites coming

From: Jamie Fox <jfox@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 12:05:43 -0500
To: "'Brumage_D'" <Brumage_D@bls.gov>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>, "'David Meadows'" <david@heroes.force9.co.uk>
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I think we've strayed from accessibility issues here.


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Intel themselves admit that for most users the true added benefit of the
PIII processor will be invisible due to current internet access limitations
(bandwidth). However, with the current trends in cable modem, DSL and other
high speed access capabilities, this will change quickly over the next year
with a much larger percentage of Internet users having the bandwidth
available to support real time streaming media.

In the mean-time this chip has a place in corporate America. Imagine you are
tasked to create a training application to be delivered across your
corporate network. This technology makes it much easier for you to produce a
full multimedia interactive application delivered to your new hires via the
corporate Intranet.

We shouldn't dismiss new technology just because we don't see the benefit
for ourselves. In another couple years when this is the low-end or obsolete
Intel offering we won't remember how we ever got by without it.


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> Lovey@aol.com <Lovey@aol.com> wrote:
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> >...the common goal is to usher owners of a Pentium III into special pages
> >where content such as streaming media, 3D interfaces and animation have
> been
> >peak-tuned to suit Intel's latest powerhouse processor.
> I don't understand the value of this. How can content be "peak-tuned to
> suit
> Intel's latest powerhouse processor" unless they also supply every Pentium
> III user with a T3 (or similar) link to the Internet? Isn't the type of
> computer actually the least important factor in how a web page is viewed?
> Is it just me, or does everybody else also think this is stupid?
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