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Get Paid to surf the web!

From: <SillyRach9@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 01:28:32 EDT
Message-ID: <e7311811.24a71080@aol.com>
To: drhak@drhak.com
Regarding: http://alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=DCG-313

Have you heard about All Advantage?  It's a great new Internet company that 
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All advantage will pay you $.50 for each hour you surf the web....and that's 
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A "few" people/companies are making millions of dollars on the Internet. 
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The Internet changes everything. 


How many advertisements do you think you get HIT WITH every time you are on 
the Web? (hundreds to thousands) 
How much money do the advertisers PAY YOU while you are surfing the Web? 
(Nothing, ZERO, unless you sign up with AllAdvantage.com.) 
Does your on-line community PAY YOU to cruise the globe on the WWW? 
Would you like to GET PAID for your time online? 
Would you like to GET PAID for friends that you referred to this site while 
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This is a radically simple concept. 

AllAdvantage.com is an Internet company positioned to share the wealth of the 

Go to:      http://alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=DCG-313      
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