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Re: webwatch-l PC Week article on "Disabling Web Barriers"

From: Kelly Ford <kford@teleport.com>
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 12:13:38 -0700 (PDT)
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An interesting article but this magazine would do well to practice more of
the very accessible web design they report to be such a problem.  As a
leading content provider for the web, PC Week and the entire ZDNet web
site at


are glaring examples of inaccessible web design.

Many of the ZDNet sites feature dozens of untagged links, image maps with
no text explaining where they lead and pages that come up in a dizzying
number of columns of graphical browsers.

In my opinion it is past time for these magazines to report what a
glorious treat it is that people with disabilities have some access to the
web and time for them to take what they report about to heart.

The myriad letters I have written to the people at ZDNet have all been
answered with canned replies about appreciating my suggestions and passing
them on.  When, if ever, will we see any results.

Anyone, like those interviewed for this article, with better contacts into
the maze of people at ZDNet might make the same suggestions to them about
correcting some of the glaring inaccessibility on ZDNet.

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