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From: Charles (Chuck) Oppermann <chuckop@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:02:32 -0800
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To: "Charles (Chuck) Oppermann" <chuckop@MICROSOFT.com>
Common Questions and Answers about Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01

How can I get more information about the accessibility of Microsoft Internet
Explorer 4.01?

Please read the document at http://microsoft.com/enable/products/ie4.htm.  A
Comprehensive User's Guide on how the features in Internet Explorer 4.01 can
be used by people disabilities is available.  A Word document and plain text
file can be gotten by downloading the self-extracting file from

Does this version support Active Accessibility?

Yes!  Full support is available for Microsoft Active Accessibility(tm)
(MSAA) is available to the following areas:
*	All user interface dialogs
*	Toolbars and the new menu bands
*	The HTML document area
*	The desktop area when Active Desktop is enabled
*	The Channel Bar Active Desktop component

MSAA Version 1.1 is required to access the HTML document area, contact your
accessibility aid vendor for an update.

Do I need to have version 4.0 before upgrading 4.01?

No, you should be able to use any existing web browser to access the
Internet Explorer 4.01 web site at
http://microsoft.com/ie/ie40/download/win95.htm.  If you do not have a web
browser currently, you can order Internet Explorer 4.01 on CD-ROM for a
small shipping charge by calling Microsoft Direct Sales in the United States
at (800) 426-9400 voice or (800) 892 5234 TDD.

I have "brand X" screen reader?  Will it work with Internet Explorer 4.01?

Because of the way many screen readers are written, and the vast differences
between each one, it's impossible for Microsoft to answer that.  If you have
any questions about the compatibility of your accessibility aid with
Internet Explorer 4.01, please contact the manufacturer of that product.

Did Microsoft test Internet Explorer 4.01 with accessibility aids such as
screen readers?

Yes.  The testing teams of the Internet Explorer group and the Active
Accessibility team used several different accessibility aids during the
testing of Internet Explorer 4.01, and worked as closely with accessibility
vendors as we could. 

Do I have to download the entire Internet Explorer package again?

Only if you do not have Internet Explorer 4.0 on your machine.  Internet
Explorer 4.01 uses new Active Setup(tm) technology, which will only update
the components on your machine that have newer versions available.  If you
have an older version of Internet Explorer (such as 3.0), you will need to
download the entire package.

Does Internet Explorer 4.01 support Windows 3.1?

No, not yet.  Internet Explorer 4.01 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT
version 4.0.  

The Windows 3.1 version of Internet Explorer 4.0 is still in beta testing
and will include keyboard access advancements, but is still limited by the
operating system as to its accessibility.  For the greatest accessibility,
please consider upgrading to Windows 95.

I tried downloading Internet Explorer 4.01 and got a "timeout" error?
What's going on?

Be patient.  Many people are trying to download this update and the servers
get overloaded.  Sometimes the Internet is slow.  Usually a "timeout" error
is temporary and can be resolved by trying again later.

Why did the initial version of Internet Explorer 4.0 lack support for Active

We planned to include full support for Microsoft Active Accessibility(tm) in
the initial release of Internet Explorer 4.0, but were delayed by concerns
of the quality of the support and other technical limitations.  We apologize
for this delay.  Microsoft is committed to making important products like
Internet Explorer accessible to everyone.

I understand that Internet Explorer 4.01 replaces my desktop with "Active
Desktop." What does this mean?

Internet Explorer 4.0 and 4.01 includes the "Windows Desktop Update."  You
can choose to download and install this when you download Internet Explorer
4.01.  It is optional.  If you choose not to install the desktop update, you
will only be downloading the browser.  If you choose to install the Windows
Desktop Update, then by default your desktop can display Web content and
optionally hold Active Desktop items, such as a stock ticker, sports scores,
weather info, etc.

The Start Menu is updated as well with new options.  All of the Windows
Desktop Update functionality is optional and can be uninstalled if you
choose.  Please note that the Windows Desktop Update requires more disk
space and download time than just the "browser only" install option.

To uninstall the Windows Desktop Update, go to the Control Panel and choose
the Add/Remove Programs item.  From there, choose "Microsoft Internet
Explorer 4.0" from the list of currently installed applications then press
the Add/Remove... button.  A dialog appears with three radio buttons.
Choose the radio button labeled "Remove the Windows Desktop Update
component, but keep the Internet Explorer 4.0 Web browser." 

To uninstall all of Internet Explorer 4.01, choose the radio button labeled
"Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 and all its components."

Should I download the new MSAA Redistribution Kit, version 1.1?

Not without consulting with the vendor of the accessibility aid you are
using.  Your software might need to be updated to take advantage of the new
version of MSAA 1.1.  In most cases, the vendor of your accessibility
product provides all the components that are necessary.

Are there localized versions of Internet Explorer 4.01 available?  Do all of
the accessibility features work?

Yes, check the download page for a listing of what languages Internet
Explorer 4.01 is available in.  All accessibility features will work, with
the exception of Active Accessibility.   Microsoft Active Accessibility is
currently only support under the US English version of Windows 95.
Localized versions of Active Accessibility will be available with the
release of Windows 98.

Charles Oppermann
Program Manager, Active Accessibility, Microsoft Corporation
mailto:chuckop@microsoft.com http://microsoft.com/enable/
"A computer on every desk and in every home, usable by everyone!"
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