Re: CSS 2: priorities in cascading order

to follow up on what Chris Wilson said:

> The user may not want to have to define what they WANT to see,
> they may want to define what they CAN'T see (or hear).

ASG:: Yes.  The archtypal rule is "avoid small italics."  This
cuts across control dimensions in a way that is not, as I
understand it, supported in either CSS or the OS control of font

The real challenge is to re-assign the _distinctions_ that had
been made (in the author's pattern of styling decisions) with
unavailable degrees of freedom into some available degree of
freedom without being overly disruptive of the flow (similarity,
contrast, and literal content).

[unavailable "degrees of freedom" may include the low-order bits
of color, screen position, etc. where there is only a limited
usable dynamic range.  Programming around these
performance-defined frontiers is tough, as illustrated above.]

-- Al Gilman

Received on Saturday, 20 December 1997 14:40:51 UTC