RE: CSS 2: priorities in cascading order

I think what we want is the ability of the author to reformat the
information to view it the way they need it.  I think this works best when
the browser can ignore the author style sheets and the user can insert
their own.  This is not ideal, since the document will be rendered in
linear order.  This maybe a problem if the author (or tool) did not develop
the document in a linear logical order, if they author(tool) was using CSS
positioning to reorder a dcoument to have a logical visual flow.  

I think attributes like !important and the such will just complicate the
situation for both users and authors.  We need to remember that most WWW
authors and users will know nothing about HTML and style sheets.  Authors
will use tools to build pages and users with disabilities will be using the
browser/OS controls and assistive technology to adjust their view to the
information.  Therefore we need to think of the simpliest and most robust

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Received on Friday, 19 December 1997 13:45:26 UTC