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Re: XSL and document transformations for XML accessibility

From: Daniel Dardailler <danield@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:56:06 +0100
Message-Id: <199711270956.KAA05417@www47.inria.fr>
To: WAI HC Working Group <w3c-wai-hc@w3.org>

I'll take the opportunity of this thread to expose one some issues
regarding XML accessibility, for the record before we start PF and we
get to talk to the XML WG directly.

OK, so we now have HTML attribute ALT required on IMG and LONGDESC
support as well.

Say I'm designing a new Menu XML DTD, including support for images of
PadThai and other Boar Ragout of course.

My Menu image element is called IMAGE (in french)

How does one qualify my Menu DTD as being accessible ?

This is important as W3C is getting and acknowlegding a lot of these,
and we might want to qualify them thru WAI before accepting them.

Say I have called my IMAGE "textual" attributes DESC and DESCPLUS, how
does a user-agent get to know that that's what they are ?

The obvious solution is to define a mapping onto the equivalent HTML4
pieces, but I'm not even sure SGML LPD (Link Process Definition)
accounts for that level of details (to the attribute level I mean).

What Raman is saying is that my Menu DTD might even be more accessible
that HTML4, then, how do I express that with a mapping to HTML4 ?
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