RE: XSL and document transformations for XML accessibility

From: Dave Pawson. RNIB(UK)

> This discussion is losing sight of the forest while
> wandering around the trees.
	DP: Or being pragmatic? Perhaps Jason has a point in
	terms of _today_. Once XML tools are available I will support
	your position. Assuming a time lag, a simple transform into
	html for quick (and dirty) access seems to waste very little
	if a static dtd is being used.
	The real difficulty comes when authors throw away the dtd
	and start using tag names without any structural considerations,
	the dtdless document instance. Then I need to write a transform
	script for each document I receive. If that happens then forget
	the easy route to html or anything else, and look for the 
	XSL toolset.

	Fully support the rest of TV's message and hope that the
	structural capabilities of XML are supported, as well 
	as the richness of the tagset!

	Regards, DaveP

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 1997 11:12:08 UTC