Re: phonetic markup

     > The IPA has the advantage of being widely known and recognised. 

Yes, but as long as linguists and European languages speakers are
concerned that is.

     > Is IPA included in Unicode?

Yes, I believe so.

     > Phonetic dictionaries could be created, in a format yet to be defined
     > (perhaps based on an XML DTD) and then linked into a document via RDF.

I still suspect that this won't solve problem like the examples 2a and 
2b in shown in my proposal.  (Again, I need to do some study on RDF to 
understand it better, though.)

     > Each IPA character also needs to be associated with an SGML character
     > entity so that the phonetic markup can be typed into a standard text
     > editor. There are many users, including myself, who type HTML directly
     > into a standard text editor or word processor instead of using a dedicated
     > HTML authoring tool..

Yes, if we decide on using IPA, it definetely needs to be done.
However, if it's not so simple for people using plain
editor/word-processing-software to write phonetic stuff, we may not be 
able to get too many people to use this mechanism.

P.S. Even though it took a little while for me to get back to WAI
discussion, I'll try to collect thoughts from people on this issue and
eventually come to a usable solution.

Masafumi (aka Max :-)

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Received on Wednesday, 19 November 1997 03:37:00 UTC