Re: phonetic markup

to follow up on what Masafumi NAKANE
/=?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQ2Y6LDJtSjgbKEI=?= said:

> I've written a short proposal on mechanism to present phonetic
> information.  This has been concern of Japanese blind computer users'
> community.  I hope this to be taken into consideration as we discuss
> phonetic markup on the list and/or during upcoming meeting(s).
> I appreciate any comments, although I won't be able to respond to them 
> too promptly as I'm leaving for Austin in about 12 hours.

Just some quickies.

Use of IPA is a possibility in phonetic data; SGML attributes
cannot be user-typed to indicate LANG or encoding on the fly.  So
we may need another, richer mechanism for binding phonetic
equivalents to standard text.

There are at least three ways to go to connect the phonetic script
and the text web-content:

  one:  HTML attribute as you suggested
  two:  CSS attribute targetted to audio medium (applied via inline style)
  three:  Dictionary entry with proper noun marked as "must see
dictionary for pronunciation."  Dictionary linking via LINK attribute
and/or RDF.

We will be talking a lot about what is phonetic vs. audio and what
is HTML vs CSS in Austin.  It's good you will be there to keep us
centered on where the real need is.

-- Al

Received on Friday, 7 November 1997 13:02:01 UTC