Re: phonetic markup

In an earlier discussion of this topic, Dave Raggett noted that as
software-based speech synthesizers, running with standard audio hardware,
continue to supersede hardware-based systems, it should become easier to
incorporate phonetic data processing into the over-all design.

The IPA has the advantage of being widely known and recognised. I
understand that it is the principal phonetic script used by linguists
throughout the world. It is supposed to include representations of all of
the sounds that are found in human languages. Is IPA included in Unicode?

Phonetic dictionaries could be created, in a format yet to be defined
(perhaps based on an XML DTD) and then linked into a document via RDF.
Each IPA character also needs to be associated with an SGML character
entity so that the phonetic markup can be typed into a standard text
editor. There are many users, including myself, who type HTML directly
into a standard text editor or word processor instead of using a dedicated
HTML authoring tool..

Unfortunately I know very little about the Unicode character set and thus
can not be of much assistance here.

Received on Saturday, 8 November 1997 18:57:26 UTC