Re: New CSS2 release

> The new CSS2 draft is now avalilable, here:

OK, Thanks Chris.

I think one possible course of actions is as follow:

  - we review this document for one week, in particular in light of
    our previous comments in 

  - we try to summarize our conclusion by the end of next week and
    send that to IG, for information really (can't ask for review for
    the meeting, too short)

  - we have an HC meeting Monday Nov 10 in Austin (afternoon) to
    discuss our comments for the CSS2 meeting on the 13.

  - we can also present that to the general WAI assembly the 11
    afternoon (but can't count as IG approval)

  - an HC delegation goes to the CSS2 meeting on Thursday 13 to discuss
    our comments.

I'm trying to avoid the word "review" or "report" for our input to the
CSS2 meeting since whatever we do in that timeframe will not have the
IG stamp of approval on it.

I think we will have time after the Austin meeting to 
  - finalize our HC report of CSS2
  - run it thru IG
  - submit it to CSS2 officially (before they go Proposed
    Recommendation by December).

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