Regarding CSS.

Even though we haven't been proposing specific spec changes for CSS2 -
given that their specification is behind HTML4 in terms of readiness -
we should nevertheless make clear our expectations, and I suggest we
take some of Jason's input to the HC list and forward that to the CSS2

I'm thinking of these messages:

With the focus put on "simple" things:

1. The selection of elements based on generic attribute values is
still not possible; only CLASS and ID values are admitted as
selectors. Also related to that is the use of attribute values in
properties (e.g. how to do get the ALT text to be spoken with ACSS
without something like: IMG {speak: attrib(ALT) })

2. Notes (including footnotes and end notes) are briefly mentioned in
section 20.3 (printing) as yet to be developed. Is it expected that
such work will be completed before CSS 2 becomes a standard? Without
the actual proposals, it is clearly not possible to assess the degree
to which they satisfy access requirements (in this instance, for
example, the audio treatment of notes; the braille requirements can be
postponed for consideration in the Braille CSS work).

3. Unable to find any mention of section numbering or paragraph

4. generic prefix/suffix text

And a mention, for the future (XSL or else), of Jason's more important
changes (tree transform and syntax changes).

Jason, do you feel like drafting a more wordy proposal along these
lines ?

I think one message to the IG (following the HC items is enough, no
need to break it in smaller pieces).

Received on Wednesday, 15 October 1997 22:31:27 UTC